Faithlife Ties It All Together!

We live in a digital world... computers, cell phones, iPads, and more! Emails, Social Media, text messages are just part of the routine. And it wasn't long ago that a camera and a telephone were two different things! These tools that are a part of everyday life can help us grow as a Christian and keep us connected to fellow believers!

Faithlife helps us tie everything together to communicate with you!

By registering your email and connecting with our church on the Faithlife website, you are connected to posts, announcements, and even a church directory. Our worship bulletins and sermons are available to you as well. To sign up, click here:

Faithlife Mobile App

We have a personalized app for your phone or device that is a quick reference and access point to announcements, videos, and new information.

Faithlife TV

Interested in some great entertainment on your phone or smartTV? Want to learn more about a book in the Bible or a "hot topic" of the day? Need some wholesome input into your kids' lives? Faithlife TV is a subscription service the church pays for its members!

Faithlife Website:

Faithlife hosts this website you are viewing and allows you to stay up to date with all things FBC!