Sunday Night Life-Groups (6:00pm)

Most of the year, our Sunday Night "services" consist of Life-Groups. Our Life-Groups meet in the homes of the leaders of their groups. Each Life-Group is run according to the leader - some Life-Groups meet for dinner on Sunday nights before discussion over the Sunday morning sermon, some keep their homes open and the fellowship going well after Bible study for those who want to stay. The purpose of these groups is to allow you to grow closer to others in the congregation, and to feel more free to ask questions, offer encouragement, and be built up by one another.

Sunday Night Service (6:00pm-7:00pm)

Sunday Night Services are offered in the Sanctuary year-round here at First Baptist Church. Even during the times that our Life-Groups meet, there is always a Bible Study held at 6:00pm on Sunday night in the Sanctuary (unless otherwise cancelled). This usually consists of a short message with brief discussion.