Bus Ministry (5:00pm-6:00pm; 8:00pm-9:00pm)

We understand that sometimes parents have to work in the evening or have other obligations and the kids still want to be at Church (or their parents want them to!). So, we run several bus routes through town for Wednesday night services. Busses arrive at the church in time for our 6:00pm meal, and depart after services end at 8:00pm. If you’re interested in using our Bus Ministry for your children on Wednesday evenings, you can pick up a permission slip for your child at our office.

Free Community Meal (6:00pm-6:30pm)

Wednesday nights starting at 6:00pm, we serve a free community meal, open to all. Our dinner is prepared by our volunteer team including dinner, desert, and drinks. The meal is completely free of charge to all. The meal is the first event of our Wednesday night activities, and our doors remain unstaffed and locked until 6:00pm. Our activities take a good deal of time to prepare for, and we ask that you do not arrive or drop off your children prior to 6:00pm, when we are able to staff and unlock our doors. This ensures that our volunteers are finished with preparation for both food and activities so they supervise children and best serve you.

Children’s/Youth Activities (6:10pm-6:45pm)

As soon as children are finished eating, they can choose which of our activity “stations” they go to. We have various rooms where kids can do crafts, play video games or board games, learn life skills, or watch movies. Kids can choose two stations per week to participate in with their age group, with our volunteers planning age specific activities for them each week.

Our 7th-12th grade students can go to the Lighthouse Youth Room (located in the basement) when they are finished eating. They can play ping-pong, pool, air-hockey, or foosball, or they can lounge around with their friends on the couches.

Worship (6:45-7:00)

After activities end, all age groups meet in the sanctuary for a time of worship. Pastor Mike or Pastor John will give announcements, and then the children will be led in a few songs of worship before being released to their classrooms for Bible study.

Bible Study (7:00-8:00)

We have Bible study for all age groups on Wednesday nights. Our classes are aged as follows:

Kindergarten and Below         Mission Friends

1st-3rd Grade Girls                       GA Angels

4th-6th Grade Girls                       GA Sweethearts

1st-6th Grade Boys                       RAs

7th-12th Grade Boys/Girls        Lighthouse Youth (Basement)

Our Adults meet for Bible Study in the Sanctuary after children are released to their classes.