FBC Marionville is a self-sustaining and self-governing local church. But we know we are stronger and better when we work alongside others in sharing our faith and building Christ's Kingdom. And so we are partners with other Southern Baptist Churches in Lawrence County through the Lawrence County Baptist Association. On a statewide level, we are affiliated with the Missouri Baptist Convention. Nationally, we are connected to the Southern Baptist Convention. The document that best describes the many facets of our faith and practice is called The Baptist Faith and Message 2000. It is printed on the page "What we Believe" and can also be accessed here: http://www.sbc.net/bfm2000/bfm2000.asp.

You may hear us talk about the Cooperative Program! As the name implies, this is the way we work together to fund our schools, ministries, and missionaries throughout the world. We "Cooperate" by giving to shared causes while maintaining and respecting the self-rule (or "autonomy") of each local church.

Any member of our Staff would be happy to discuss these groups, these positions and our practices with you, especially over a cup of coffee! Contact the Church office to set up a time!