Here at First Baptist Church, we believe giving is an important part of the Christian life. As a Southern Baptist Church, we are committed to the Great Commission. When you give to your local Southern Baptist Church, you’re not simply funding the paycheck of the church staff. Your giving goes to many different areas, including:

  • Funding both foreign missions and local missions through the SBC Cooperative program. This helps to fund IMB missionaries and local ministries such as church planting.
  • Funding disaster relief through your church’s giving to the SBC. SBC disaster relief teams are often the first on site when a natural disaster occurs, and this is made possible by funding given through local churches nationwide.
  • Funding outreach events in your community.
  • Funding both your local church and the SBC in programs that aid those with various needs. This includes things like benevolence ministry in your community through your local church, and SBC entities like the Baptist Children’s home. The Baptist Children’s Home helps facilitate foster care and adoption, and helps to provide for the needs of the children in these programs.
  • Funding the necessary tools and materials (aside from salaries and personnel) for various ministries you benefit from on a weekly basis. This includes things like licensing for use of various music for specials and weekly worship, food for fellowship meals, church bulletins, security, and materials used by your pastors and Sunday school teachers for teaching and preaching.

Your giving in your local church goes a long way, and is a great help in fulfilling the Great Commission!

Here at First Baptist Church, we now support online giving. We understand that many want to give when they come to worship, but we also understand that sometimes the checkbook gets left behind. Or perhaps you were sick this Sunday and were unable to give directly. Online giving allows you the flexibility to give from anywhere, in the event something else keeps you from giving during Sunday morning worship.